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Monday, 16 January 2017

What is agile methodology? Disadvantage of waterfall model in software development.

          In this article we will learn about waterfall model and why we need to use agile methodology in software development company.
Once you go to develop any product then software development process is divided into multiple phases in the Waterfall model while Agile methodology divide the project,software development life cycle(SDLC) into multiple sprints. ... One of the main differences between Agile and Waterfall development methodology is their individual approach towards application quality,accurcy and application testing.

  • What is SDLC(Software development life cycle) ?
  • What is waterfall model?
  • Draw back of waterfall model.
  • What is Agile methodology?
  • What is scrum in agile?
  • Roles of Scrum.
  • Top 10 reason to use Agile methodology in software development .
Software development life cycle (SDLC):
     SDLC is the acronym of Software Development Life Cycle. It is likewise called as Software development process. The product development life cycle (SDLC) is a system characterizing undertakings performed at every progression in the product development process. ISO/IEC 12207 is a worldwide standard for programming life-cycle forms.

According this we can understand easily this one is just only some step to develop any type project. 

Waterfall Model: 
      The waterfall model is a step by step process or sequential (non-iterative) design pattern, which is used in software development company, in which process is seen as going steadily downwards (like a steep fall or waterfall) through the stage of conception, planning, analysis, design, development, testing, production/implementation and maintenance. 

 According this image we can understand what is the flow of software development process,
there are many draw back in waterfall model,so i am going to explain in given below lines.

Drawback of waterfall model: 
    Disadvantages of waterfall model,once any application is moving in testing phase, it is very tough to go back and apply change something that was not well-planned out in the planning phase. No any working software is produced until late during the life cycle process. Huge amounts of risk and uncertainty. I have faced some new issue in waterfall model which are listed below.
1.   Unclear Requirements
2.   Requirements changes
3.   lack of involvement of the customers
4.   Accuracy of estimation
5.   Uneven loading of the resources
6.   Last minute correction difficult
7.   Not much time for testing
8.   No time to fix test defects
9.   Lot of documention
10.                Schedule and cost overruns
11.                Lot of mid night oils before final delivery
12.                customers not happy  
To avoid the drawback from waterfall model now days most of developers are using agile methodology in software development.
Now i am going to explain in details why chose agile in place of waterfall model.go in next lines below.

What is agile methodology?
 "Agile software Development" is an umbrella term for a few iterative and incremental programming development approachs. The most famous agile methodology incorporate Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum, Crystal, Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), Lean Development, and Feature-Driven Development (FDD). 

According this image we can understand agile divide software development process in multiple sprint,I means each sprint is a completing software development life cycle. 
    Sprint: In the Scrum technique for Agile programming development, work is limited to a standard, repeatable work cycle, known as a sprint or emphasis. Scrum sprints used to be 30 days in length, yet today we exhort one-week or two-week sprints.we can say sprint is group of task ,collection of task.

What is scrum in agile ? 
    Scrum is a agile approach to manage a project, more often than not project development. Coordinated project development with Scrum is regularly seen as a strategy; but instead than survey Scrum as procedure, consider it a system for dealing with a procedure. 
Roles of Scrum: 
          There are three specific roles in scrum:
Product Owner:
          Product Owner should be a person who can work with vision, authority, and availability. The Product Owner is always responsible for continuously intract the vision,priorities,anythings for the development team.
It’s sometimes difficult for any Product Owners to strike the right balance of involvement in project. Because of Scrum values self-organization among with teams, A Product Owner should be fight the urge to micro-manage. At the same time, Product Owners must be always available to answer questions from the any  team member.

Scrum master:
        The Scrum Master goes about as a facilitator for the Product Owner and the team. The Scrum Master does not deal with the team. The Scrum Master attempts to expel any obstacles that are hindering the team from accomplishing its sprint objectives. This helps the team stay imaginative and beneficial while ensuring its victories are obvious to the Product Owner. The Scrum Master likewise attempts to prompt the Product Owner about how to amplify ROI for the team. 

Team: As per as Scrum’s founder, “the team is utterly self managing.” they can be developer,tester,ui-designer.
The team is always responsible for find how it will accomplish the work to be completed on time. The team has autonomy and responsibility to meet the objectives from  sprint. 

Top 10 reason to use Agile methodology in software development:
1.   Ambiguous requirements
2.   Requirement changes are inevitable
3.   Big,Upfront Planning is not practical
4.   Reviewing the working software is better
5.   Iterative and incremental development  
6.   Delivery through small baby steps
7.   Frequent reflections by  the projects teams
8.   Reducing the chances of risk.
9.   Visibility with customers
10.                Flexibility in work
I hope you have learn lot of things about agile methodology and drawback of waterfall model.For more details you click on given link.
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Monday, 9 January 2017

Importing Api List From Swagger And Introduction To Collection In Postman

A. Introduction
Postman is open source, free to install in your system and is used to test API’s. Using Postman, you can test any type of Services, controller, or Web Application after setting your configuration.
B. How to use postman?

According to Image you need to follow given points.
Ø Select request methods e.g. GET, POST, PUT, DELETE...etc.according your endpoint request.
Ø Enter complete Endpoint with query string value (if any)e.g.
Ø Enteraccess token (if any),and set Content -Type =>” application/json”
For details please refer below screenshot.

Ø If request method is POST/PUT/DELETE you have to set BODY panel. In case of GET it will be hide.
Ø Click=>BODY panel=>check raw=>type json payload e.g.

"CustomFieldDonationAnswers": [
    { "CustomFieldGuid": "string",
      "FieldAnswer": {}

For details please refer below screenshot

Ø Click=>SEND, thereafter you can see response data in bottom panel the form of json data.

C.How to create collection in postman?
Using postman you can categorized request with all details (parameter, access token, endpoint, etc...) in folder. Collection can be import in postman for next time. Follow simple 2-3 steps to create collection.
Step 1:Once the entire configuration for postman is set.Press ctrl+S to get the new window open. In new window we need to set these things as given below
Ø Request Name e.g. “Create Donation
Ø Request description (optional) e.g. “To create new donation with externalID…”
Ø Create collection name e.g. “Application_Integration”, if already created we can select any.
Ø Click on ‘Save’ button, thereafter we can see folder in left panel. For details please refer below screenshot

After click on ‘Save’ button you can see in left panel endpoint is listed, we can save multiple endpoints in a single folder with request details.
If we have already created folder and want add new endpoint, just follow above steps and select “save and existing collection” picklist, wecan see all existing folders and select any.

Step2:To export and save collection on local drive,Please refer below screenshot

Click on “Export” a new popup will be open as per below screenshot

User can choose the option and click on “Export” button. After that select path in your local drive and save. You can see collection has been saved on your local drive in the .json file.

D.How to import collection?
If we want to import collection in postman from local drive just follow some steps.
Open postman=>Click on Import button. Please refer below screenshot

After click on Import button new popup will be open to select source type. Please refer below screenshot

Select “import file” tab and click on “Choose file” from local drive.Thereafter you can see collection in left panel with complete details.

E. How to import endpoint list from swagger?
In this part we will go through withan example and steps to import endpoints list from swagger with details.
As we know swagger contains endpoints list in json format. For example you can verify the URL “***********************”.

Ø  Copy swagger URL and go to postman.Open postman=>click on Importnew popup window will be open. For details please refer below screenshot

Ø Select “Import from link” tab paste swagger URL in textbox
Ø Click on Import button.
Ø Now you are able to see all endpoints from all foldersas available on postman.After that postman will looks like as shown in below screenshot

After importing from swagger all endpoints is available in postman with remarks, endpoints, method(GET,POST….), and header value except payload
Now you need to set payload inside Body tab=>raw, because Microsoft doesn’t allow importing payload from swagger. 
Other referenced link.

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Thursday, 5 January 2017

History of C# programming language

Now days this one C# is most popular language in world.This one c# was developed by Microsoft within its .NET framework initiative and later approved as a standard by ECMA (ECMA-334) C#  programming language  is a general-purpose, oops based  programming language. C# development team is lead by "Anders Hejlsberg" in 2002.

         C# programming language is one of the languages designed for the (CLI) Common Language Infrastructure. 
First version of c# is 1.0 with .net framework 1.0 and visual studio is 2002.
History of c# programming language
C# programming language
Let’s go to look at the change log of the C# programming languages from 1.0 to latest one 7.0 versions:
  Version .NET Framework versionVisual Studio  New Important Features                    Month/Year
C# 1.0.NET Framework 1.0/1.1Visual Studio .NET 2002
  • Basic features
 January 2002
C# 2.0.NET Framework 2.0Visual Studio 2005
  • Generics
  • Partial types
  • Anonymous methods
  • Iterators
  • Nullable types
  • Private setters (properties)
  • Method group conversions (delegates)
  • Covariance and Contra-variance
  • Static classes
 November 2005
C# 3.0.NET Framework 3.0\3.5Visual Studio 2008
  • Implicitly typed local variables
  • Object and collection initializers
  • Auto-Implemented properties
  • Anonymous types
  • Extension methods
  • Query expressions
  • Lambda expressions
  • Expression trees
  • Partial Methods
 November 2007
C# 4.0.NET Framework 4.0Visual Studio 2010
  • Dynamic binding (late binding)
  • Named and optional arguments
  • Generic co- and contravariance
  • Embedded interop types
 April 2010
C# 5.0.NET Framework 4.5Visual Studio 2012/2013
  • Async features
  • Caller information
 August 2012
C# 6.0.NET Framework 4.6Visual Studio 2013/2015
  • Expression Bodied Methods
  • Auto-property initializer
  • nameof Expression
  • Primary constructor
  • Await in catch block
  • Exception Filter
  • String Interpolation
 July 2015
 C# 7.0 .NET Framework 4.7Visual Studio 2017 RC
c# latest version is 7.0,If you want learn in details for each one just click on link and go to article which is written by our experts.
In this blog i have covered all version of C#.
Click on above link and find more details about c#.

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