I have 4+ experience and working as software Engineer with Hytech professionals India PVT ltd and also working as Consultant,Trainer,Blogger and Author on Microsoft technologies,Also I have Trained more than 500+ IT professionals.I have knowledge about Asp.net,C#,SQL,Project management,replication,MVC,WebApi,SSRS,PostMan,TFS,SVN,Swagger,WMI,Agile,SignalR,Angularjs,IIS configuration.
Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Training session and seminar details

My Speaking and In-Personal Events
Okay, great to see you on this page. Here, I will list upcoming/past events in which i will be speaking. Also, this page will allow you to access resources (on demand) that I have used in my session.

Event Details/URL:
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 Learn Python, Angular, JavaScript, and IoT
Elimane your fears and doubt about Job,carrier and technology.
 SR Engineering college Lucknow 

 Learn Angular V5,.net core,Node.js and IoT with AR
Deep Dive Into .NET Core, Angular v5 and Kotlin

Learn Angular v5, Django and Simplifying CI/CD
Using ASP.NET and Angular to Build Single-page Applications
Learn Angular and Typescript
July -2017
Carrier oriented program at IPEM college ghaziabad
Web API 2 at Gurgaon
Introduction about MVC at TechStack Delhi
Angular2 at 91Springboard Gurgaon
Angular2 at C# Corner Noida office
Web API 2 at Microsoft Office Gurgaon
Web API at C# corner Office Noida
On Agile Methodology as guest lecturer at IMS College Noida

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My Awards & Achievement

My Awards & Achievement Details

Okay, great to see you on this page. Here, i will list my awards and achievement. Also, this page 
will allow you to access see all images and details.
For more details go given link: http://bikeshsrivastava.com/#Aachievement

DateAward/Achievement NameImage
July-2016Monthly winner in C# Corner 

Aug-2016Top leader of C# Corner

Oct-2016Monthly Winner in C# Corner

Oct-2016Employee of the Month in HytechPro
Jan-2017Become C# Corner MVP

Feb-2017Become C# Corner Speaker
March-2017Monthly Top member in C# Corner

April-2017MVP Award in C# Corner Annual conference

May-2017Become Chapter Lead of C# Corner Gurgaon Chapter

July-2017As guest lecturer 

Jan-2018Become C# Corner MVP (2nd time)

06- March-2018
 As guest lecturer

Bikesh Srivastava Awards & Achievements
Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Urgent Requirement Salesforce Lead,IOS developer,.Net MVC in Noida

Job Descriptions
Salesforce Lead
4 to 6 Yrs
Leading development of the Salesforce.com enabled offerings.
B.TECH/B.E/MCA. (Regular)
Ensuring the integration with the non Salesforce.com offerings.
Project execution, project delivery according to the needs of the customer, and throughout all phases of the project (preparation, blue print, technical design, implementation, test and configuration).
Proven experience in Salesforce.com, lightning design system, AppExchange App/ component and experience in integration with other system  
Must have good knowledge of Salesforce CRM domain
Hands-on experience min 3-4 vertical from following (sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, CPQ implementation, pardot, wave analytics, Canvas Mobile App Development and Salesforce B2C website development and deployment)
Prior experience with Salesforce.com and certification is must
Good verbal & written skills required to interact with international client
IOS Developer
1 to 2 Yrs
Must have hands-on experience in developing iPhone/iPad applications using iPhone SDK
B.TECH/B.E/MCA. (Regular)
 Must have worked on iOS Native Application development using iOS SDK
 Must have experience in Swift
Should have worked on Objective C, Xcode 5, cocoa touch, story board, core data, and auto layout
Must have excellent verbal & written communication skills
Expertise in Apple iOS, iOS 7.0, SDK, device APIs, good with iPhone UI , Component designing, Web Services
2 to 3 Yrs
Work as an individual to plan, develop, test and deploy web and desktop based applications on the ASP.NETplatform
B.TECH/B.E/MCA. (Regular)
Strong hands-on experience with .NET framework, preferably 3.5+, JavaScript, JQuery frameworks, HTML /CSS, MS SQL Server 2005/ 2008
Must have experience in MVC Framework
Preferably using C#, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, LINQ, WCF
Strong OOPS concepts and have developed/designed
Defining the scope and executing it with complete delivery of the project
Must have worked on Database, JavaScript/jQuery frameworks
Must have excellent communication skills
Must have worked on Database, JavaScript/jQuery frameworks
Content Writer (YoGems)
6 months to1 Yr
Experience in producing creative content for website, blogs, articles
Any Graduate
Handled social media content writing for different industry topics
Conducted market research and competitive analysis for wrting content
Ability to research the internet and gather reliable data and information to use in content writing
Business Analyst
2-3 Yrs
Must have done Requirement Gathering, UML, Use Case Analysis, Documentation
B.TECH/B.E/MCA/MBA (Regular)
Write functional specifications, SRS, BRD, develop use cases, wire frames for software requirement
Conversion of business requirement to functional requirement to use cases to test cases
Must have experience in testing
Execution of test cases and preparation of test reports, SDLC, STLC
Must have done client interaction
Thorough understanding of various phases like Requirements, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Maintenance
Must have excellent communication skills
Technical Architect
8 to 12 Yrs
Building expertise on different verticals and domains and emerge as an SME in the respective area.
B.TECH/B.E/MCA. (Regular)
Ability to take up architectural definitions and reviews, design and deliverable reviews, POCs and demos.
Analysis and research in evolving product and takes individual technical ownership of the projects/products.
Helps determine how technology can be applied to meet the business needs.
Experience in designing product modules and systems.
Strong OO design patterns and concepts.
Expertise in Data structures and algorithms.
Expertise in performance and security issues analysis and resolutions.
Experience in leading the technical teams for application development.
Good knowledge about responsive and adaptive design.
Experience with rules based work flow engines development and functional programming.
Writing design documents and performing formal code reviews.
Must be savvy with design and deployment of business applications.

If interested Send me updated resume on Bikesh1988@gmail.com and mention your job position in subject,
Or ping.call me on 08802592478 (Whatsapp)
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How To Post FormData To WebAPI Using Angular 2

  In this article we will learn about how to post  FormData to webapi using angularjs2.Normally you can post data to webapi in body,but if you want to pass image and some filed in that case we have to post FormData.

If you are not aware about how to post multipart form data to webapi go through my article.
I have already explained How to post Multipart formData in webapi2,you can create webapi to upload multipart form data.go through and can be test by postman. 

In angular2 if have configured project then all thing will be so easy because its totally component based.just create component with HTML and use anywhere.
In this example i am going to create simple application to upload image with field (FormData)  to web api and save in api application folder.

If you are beginner in angular2 go on my previous article or blog to learn how to setup and how to start work on angular2.
click on above link and learn how to create component,module,services and html using angular2 with typescript using visual studio code.
I think vscode is better than other to develop angularjs2 applications.

Ok Lets go to learn step to upload multipart fom data in angular2 to webapi.

If you have already configured your application and run succesfully,
just add a single line of html element with input type file.see code
1.  <div class="float-label-control">                                               
2.                                             <a class="btn btn-sm btn-primary" href="javascript:;">Upload Contract  
3.                                                  File  
4.                                                  <input class="uploadfile-style" [(ngModel)]="networkContract.FilePath" (change)="fileChange($event)" name="CContractorFPath"                                                   
5.                                                  size="10" type="file"></a></div>     
you can see in line of code  fileChange($event) function will call once you select any file and fire a event to save document.
Now create a function inside component.ts see code
1.  fileChange(event) {   
2.       let fileList: FileList = event.target.files;  
3.       if(fileList.length > 0) {  
4.       let file: File = fileList[0];   
5.       let fileSize:number=fileList[0].size;  
6.       if(fileSize<=10485760)  
7.       {   
8.       let formData:FormData = new FormData();  
9.       formData.append('Document',file);  
10.      formData.append('ClientId'this.clientId);  
11.      formData.append('NetworkOrgID',this.networkContract.NetworkOrgID);  
12.      formData.append('DocumentType','ClientContractDoc');  
13.       if((this.clientId!=undefined && this.clientId>0) &&(this.networkContract.NetworkOrgID!=undefined && this.networkContract.NetworkOrgID>0))  
14.       {  
15.      this._contractInfoTabService.UploadClientContractDoc(formData).subscribe(val => {  
16.       if(val.json().status=='success')  
17.       {    
18.         this.networkContract.FilePath=val.json().data.fileName;          
19.       }  
20.      this.alertService.show(val.json());  
21.     });   
22.      }  
23.      else  
24.      {  
25.      this.alertService.error("Client Name and Contract Org is not selected, please select Client Name and Contract Org first.");  
26.     }  
27.      }  
28.      else  
29.      {  
30.        this.alertService.error("File size is exceeded");  
31.      }       
32.    }  
33.    else  
34.    {  
35.      this.alertService.error("Something went Wrong.");  
36.    }  
37. }  
 Inside this peace of code i am checking multiple conditions,you can customize or remove as per your requirment.

1.  formData.append('Document',file);
2.  formData.append('ClientId'this.clientId);
3.  formData.append('NetworkOrgID',this.networkContract.NetworkOrgID);
4.  formData.append('DocumentType','ClientContractDoc');

These line of code appending value in formdata object with keypair value,you can change key name and value as per your requirment.
01 line is doc file and other is normal field. 
These fields are coming from other object,you can change or remove and add if need any extra filed.
     this.alertService.error("File size is exceeded");
alert service is a custom service which is created to display error message in application.you can remove as per your need.
In this part of code i am also checking size of file,if you need otherwise can remove. 

   this._contractInfoTabService.UploadClientContractDoc(formData).subscribe(val => {  

This line of code calling the service to post formdata object with file and fields.
Now lets go to create service to hit endpoint.see code
1.  UploadClientContractDoc(formData:FormData)  
2.    {     
3.       return this.http.post("ApiUrl",formData)  
4.              .map((response: Response) => {  
5.                return response;                 
6.              }).catch(this.handleError);             
7.    }  
FormData is predefined class of angular2. I am passing information with document file via FormData object.
You need to create HTTP POST request and pass formdata object as body.
Inside this part of codcane i have used..
 .catch(this.handleError); this one for exeception handling 
But if you want use you need to create a exception method other wise remove if you don't need.see code. 
1.  private handleError(error: Response){  
2.      console.error(error);  
3.      return Observable.throw(error.json().error || 'Server error');  
4.    }  
If you have not created web for that scenario so just go and open visual studio and create webapi. 
Now time to create webapi to take FormData request from angularjs .So I have already written article on that go through on given below link.
use "git clone https://github.com/Bikeshs/Angular2-Typescript"  command to clone code from github if you have installed git on your system,otherwise git command will not work.

 I hope you have learned lot of points, how to upload image with formdata,and also check size of image or document and post FormData to webApi using component and services. 

Bikesh Srivastava AngularJs 2

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