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Saturday, 7 September 2019

Microsoft Azure DevOps Syllabus for deep learning

Getting started with Azure DevOps.
  1. Overview of Azure DevOps
  2. What DevOps Service and DevOps Server.
  3. Create Azure DevOps Account
  4. Roles And Responsibilities in Azure DevOps
  5. Create Project and User mapping to Azure DevOps
  6. Azure DevOps access to Different roles
  7. Project management using Azure DevOps
  8. Test case Management through Azure DevOps
  9. Methodologies In Azure DevOps (SCRUM,AGILE,CMMI)
  10. Deployment Group Creation
  11. Configure the Azure DevOps  service in the virtual machines
  12. Agent management in the Azure DevOps.
  13. Capacity Planning using Azure DevOps.
  14. Kanban Board Management
  15. Scrum Management

Azure DevOps Keywords
  1. Organization
  2. Projects
  3. Azure Board
  4. Dashboard
  5. Wiki
  6. Repos
  7. Pipelines
  8. Test Plans
  9. Artifacts

Repository Management/Branch Management
  1. Create the New repository
  2. Create the Master branch
  3. Create the Own Branches based on the developer requirement
  4. Branch merging
  5. Import Repository from Outside of the vsts to vsts
  6. Creating Pull requests And Accepting Pull Requests

CI/CD Process Using Vsts and Azure
  1. Task Creation Based on the Application Repository
  2. Create the CI Process
  3. Build Setup
  4. Environments Setup
  5. Authenticate Build to Azure Web service
  6. Failover Mechanism
  7. Load balancing
  8. Cluster Creation for Load Balancing
  9. Continues Integration Setup
  10. Test Cases Build
  11. Build alerts Configuration
  12. IAAS Deployments
  13. PAAS Deployments
  14. Micro Services Deployment using Azure
  15. Alerts Configuration Using Azure
  16. Arm Build and Release templates Creation
  17. Build And deployments through powershell
  18. Big bucket Jenkins internal configuration using Vsts for ci cd
  19. Build And Deployments Authentication and authorization

Working with Azure App service
  1. Overview of App Service
  2. Deployment in App Service
  3. Deploy and maintaining web apps
  4. Configuring web apps
  5. Monitoring web apps and WebJobs
  6. Traffic Manager

Working with Azure SQL Database
  1. Overview of SQL Database on Azure
  2. How to Deploy Azure SQL Database
  3. Implementing and managing Azure SQL Database
  4. Managing Azure SQL Database security
  5. Monitoring SQL Database in Azure
  6. Managing Azure SQL DB recovery
  7. Import and Export Data

Working with Active Directory
  1. Overview of Active Directory
  2. Why need AD for Azure
  3. Active Directory Configuration in Azure
  4. Domain Controller in Azure
  5. AD Federated Services in Azure
  6. Custom domain
  7. Monitoring Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure Syllabus for deep learning

Introduction to cloud computing and Microsoft Azure
Types of cloud computing
  1. What is What is Cloud Computing
  2. SaaS: Software as a service
  3. PaaS: Platform as a service
  4. IaaS: Infrastructure as a service
  5. Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing
Azure services
  1. Compute services
  2. Data services
  3. Application services
  4. Network services
Azure key concepts
  1. Datacenters and regions
  2. Azure portal
  3. Resources
  4. Resource groups
  5. Resource Manager templates
  1. Azure PowerShell
  2. Azure command-line interface
  3. REST APIs
Getting started with Azure subscriptions & pricing Calculation
  1. Select and enable an Azure subscription
  2. Grant administrative access to an Azure subscription
  3. View billing information in the Azure portal
  4. Get billing information from billing APIs
  5. Forecast cost with the pricing calculator
  6. Set up billing alerts
Azure Resource Manager
  1. Tips for creating resource groups
  2. Building Resource Manager templates
  3. Security of Azure resources (RBAC)
Azure App Services - Web Apps
  1. Introduction
  2. App Types
  3. Deploying Web App directly from Visual Studio.
  4. Scaling a Web Apps
  5. Application Settings Configuration

Azure SQL Database 
  1. Introduction/Overview.
  2. Creating and Using SQL Server and SQL Database.
  3. Azure SQL Database Tools.
  4. Using Azure SQL Database with EF Code First.
  5. Migrating on premise database to SQL Azure.
  6. Elastic Storage.
  7. Manage Business Continuity
  8. Azure SQL Database vs SQL Server in IaaA VM

Azure Virtual Machines
  1. Use cases
  2. Deployment of virtual machines
  3. Portal
  4. PowerShell
  5. Command-line interface
  6. Access and security for virtual machines
Azure Storage
  1. Use cases
  2. Blob storage
  3. File storage
  4. Table storage
  5. Queue storage
  6. Deploying a storage account
  7. Portal
  8. PowerShell
  9. Command-line interface
  10. Access and security for Azure Storage
  11. Virtual machine disks
  12. Storage tools
  13. Storage API
  14. Storage access keys
  15. Shared access signatures
  16. C# / MS.NET Azure Storage SDK
Azure Virtual Network
  1. Use cases
  2. Cloud-only virtual networks
  3. Cross-premises virtual networks
  4. Deploying a virtual network
  5. Portal
  6. PowerShell
  7. Command-line interface
  8. Access and security for virtual networks
Azure Web Jobs
  1. Logic App
  2. Web Jobs
  3. Microsoft Flow
  4. Functions
Azure Service Bus 
  1. Service Bus Basics
  2. Relayed Messaging
  3. Service Bus Queues
  4. Topics and Subscriptions

Azure Active Directory 
  1. Azure AD Introduction
  2. Relationship between AD DS and Azure AD
  3. Managing Active Directories
  4. Adding a custom domain name to Azure AD
  5. Managing Users, Groups and Devices
  6. Adding Co-Administrators for a Subscription
  7. Configuring Role Based Access Control
  8. Integrating On-Premise AD Identities with Azure AD
  9. Integrating Gallery Applications with Azure AD
  10. Integrating On-Premise Applications with Azure AD
  11. Implementing Azure AD B2B Collaboration

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