I have 4+ experience and working as software Engineer with Hytech professionals India PVT ltd and also working as Consultant,Trainer,Blogger and Author on Microsoft technologies,Also I have Trained more than 500+ IT professionals.I have knowledge about Asp.net,C#,SQL,Project management,replication,MVC,WebApi,SSRS,PostMan,TFS,SVN,Swagger,WMI,Agile,SignalR,Angularjs,IIS configuration.

Training session and seminar details

My Speaking and In-Personal Events
Okay, great to see you on this page. Here, I will list upcoming/past events in which i will be speaking. Also, this page will allow you to access resources (on demand) that I have used in my session.

Event Details/URL:
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 Learn Python, Angular, JavaScript, and IoT
Elimane your fears and doubt about Job,carrier and technology.
 SR Engineering college Lucknow 

 Learn Angular V5,.net core,Node.js and IoT with AR
Deep Dive Into .NET Core, Angular v5 and Kotlin

Learn Angular v5, Django and Simplifying CI/CD
Using ASP.NET and Angular to Build Single-page Applications
Learn Angular and Typescript
July -2017
Carrier oriented program at IPEM college ghaziabad
Web API 2 at Gurgaon
Introduction about MVC at TechStack Delhi
Angular2 at 91Springboard Gurgaon
Angular2 at C# Corner Noida office
Web API 2 at Microsoft Office Gurgaon
Web API at C# corner Office Noida
On Agile Methodology as guest lecturer at IMS College Noida

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Author: Bikesh Srivastava - Wednesday, 26 April 2017

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