I have 4+ experience and working as software Engineer with Hytech professionals India PVT ltd and also working as Consultant,Trainer,Blogger and Author on Microsoft technologies,Also I have Trained more than 500+ IT professionals.I have knowledge about Asp.net,C#,SQL,Project management,replication,MVC,WebApi,SSRS,PostMan,TFS,SVN,Swagger,WMI,Agile,SignalR,Angularjs,IIS configuration.

Top 10 point to get more interview call

In this blog i am giving you some important points to get more interview call from company.Now days i have  seen most of developer have good exp and they already made a good resume and uploaded on Jobs website,but not receiving interview call from company .
So i am trying to resolve your problem in this article .
1.Make resume attractive

  • Create your resume attractive with whole skill details,and also mention details 
  • Don't need attached your photo in resume.
  • Add your skill with version and exp on those technologies.
  • Mention Current project name on starting page.
  • Mention Your Social profile link on the starting page of Resume.
  • Mention your Blog,article,video,Book URL(If any). 
  • Mention current 3-4 project with details summery in your resume.
  • Don't need use more than 3-4 page to create resume according Indian standard. 
2.Create  Account On Naukari.com. 

  • I think only naukari.com is best to get best job,but you can chose any.
  • Create a account with 100%.
  • Mention Title with whole details of Your exp.e.g(Bikesh srivastava resume for asp.net/MVC developer with 4+exp.)
  • Update your resume on daily base at 10 am morning.
  • Search job according your filter and apply directly.
  • Mention cover page.
  • Attached photo on profile.
  • Try to follow HR on naukari.com.
3.Sending  Resume 

  • Before send resume check and confirm with whole details.
  • Always try to send resume ion PDF format.
  • Send resume with cover page because cover page is like summery of your profile.
  • Subject Line use like this("Bikesh srivastava resume for Asp.net /Mvc/angularjs,etc.developer with 4+ year exp.") 
  • Cover page post in Body part.(Name,Qualification,Exp,notice period,skill,mail id,contact number.etc..).
  • Mention signature details on footer mail.
  • Don't use multiple recipient mail id at a same time.send individual.
4.Social Sites

  • Always try to post (Article,Blog,video,technical content) and give link on your profile.
  • Create 100% accurate account with attractive profile on(LinkedIn,Facebook,G+,C# corner).
  • Make a network with IT professionals.
  • Try to share technical content on social sites .
  • Try to share your knowledge in Technical group according your technologies. 
5.Social sites  Activity

  • All MNC level company now days check linked,facebook and other social status of person,
  • so maintain your profile with technical details.
6.Github account.

  • Create your github account and mention link in your resume.
  • Save your code,project,because most of company want they have github account.
7.C# Corner ,codeproject,msdn account.

  • Now days most of company want those who have account on this and ,working on this type of forum.
  • So please create a account and share your contribute .its + point for you. 
8.Show your creativity .

  • Most of IT company want who have good exp on respecting technologies ,and they creative mind which are you can show by your Blog,article,linkedin profile,facebook.
9.Technical skill

  • Upgrade yourself day to day according your technologies  ,and mention in your resume.
  • Now days every company want mvc,angularjs,webapi,
  • So aware about latest technologies.
10.Way of presentation in mail and resume.

  • Most of job seeker send resume normally,but its not good.
  • check your skill details,sentence,word in your resume
  • check your skill details,sentence,word in your mail .
Note:- If you are .net developer  and you want get more interview call now days so learn ,MVC,angularjs and web api.Beacuse now days every company call and firstly ask about MVC,WEB API andgularjs Exp. 
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Author: Bikesh Srivastava - Tuesday, 23 August 2016

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