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Node.js Syllabus for deep learning.

Node.js Syllabus By Bikesh Srivastava

Lession 0: Prerequisites
  • Basic JavaScript skills.
  • Web Development background
Lession 1: Node.js (https://nodejs.org/en/) and NPM.
Lession 2:Asynchronous JavaScript Everywhere
  • Introduction - What is Node.js.
  • The importance of being asynchronous
  • Node.js Event loop
  • The Node.js process
Lession 3:File System
  • The FS Module.
  • Reading Directories
  • Reading Files
  • Streams
Lession 4:Building servers
  • Creating servers with HTTP
  • Receiving data
  • HTTP streaming
  • Working with TCP
Lession 5:Building APIs using modules, events and packages
  • CommonJS Modules
  • npm Packages
  • The EventEmitter API
Lession 6:ExpressJS
  • Introduction to ExpressJS
  • Routing
  • Configuration
  • Views
  • Middlewares
  • Working With Data
  • Working With Socket.io
Lession 7: Processes & Clusters
  • Child Process Module
  • Why clusters
  • The cluster object
  • The worker object
Lession 8:Best Practices
  • NPM
  • Best Practices
  • Node.js API design
  • Error Handling
  • Debugging
Lession 9:Hosting Node
  • Why do we need hosts
  • Forever
  • PM2
  • Node on Windows
  • Node as a Windows Service
  • IISNode
  • Unit Testing
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Author: Bikesh Srivastava - Friday, 25 May 2018

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