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What is difference between Compiling and Transpiling ?

Why typescript transpiling not compiling, I think its very confusing topic for everyone so i am going to exaplin about difference between transpiling and compilation.

Despite the actual fact that the term “transpiling” has been around since last century, there seems to be a good little bit ofconfusion regarding what it suggests that and what the distinction between transpiling and compiling is.

Firstly, transpiling could be a specific quite compiling. This helps an excellent deal as we have a tendency to currently apprehend we have a tendency to square measure talking regarding identical quite issue. it's truly a selected quit compiling. thus however can we outline it compared to the a lot of general term?

is the general term for taking source code written in one language and transforming into another
is a specific term for taking source code written in one language and transforming into another language that features a similar level of abstraction
So (simplistically) after you compile C#, your methodology bodies square measure reworked by the compiler into IL. This can't be referred to as transpiling as a result of the 2 languages square measure terribly totally different levels of abstraction.

When you compile matter, it's transformed by the compiler into JavaScript. These square measure terribly similar levels of abstraction, thus you may decision this transpiling.

Both compilers and transpilers will optimise the code as a part of the method.

Other common combos that may be dubbed as transpiling embody C++ to C, CoffeeScript to JavaScript, Dart to JavaScript and PHP to C++
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Author: Bikesh Srivastava - Saturday, 24 November 2018

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